Monarch Musings: One of Nature’s Climate Trackers!

Robert Coffan will be discussing this topic with the Southern Oregon Climate Action Now group at their SOCAN Monthly Meeting: Monarch Musings: One of Nature’s Climate Trackers! September 26th 6:00-7:30

For more details click here!

The Children’s Book That Started with an Egg

SOMA is pleased to pass this progress on to you from our powerhouse colleagues in Central Oregon. 'Want to hear about the longest recorded migration of an Oregon tagged monarch butterfly from the perspective of the students who learned about, raised, named, released and tracked the heroic adventure? 'Want to enjoy something that is the embodiment of what all this "Monarch Advocacy" is all about? Click here to learn more about the Journey.

On September 16 2017, the village that raised a monarch, will host a ‘Book Signing’ event in downtown Sisters, Oregon. This free Publishing Party will be held at the Chamber of Commerce located at 291 E Main Avenue on Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Join us for this wonderful community event and perhaps you’ll see some live monarchs courtesy of our friends and partners from the Monarch Advocates of Central Oregon (MACO).

Kids and Creeks 2017
SOMA Celebrates Earth Week!

What an amazing week to celebrate monarchs and pollinator conservation! SOMA is hosting outreach and educational booths at Southern Oregon University, Rogue Community College, a Monarchs and Milkweed workshop, as well as participating in a Living on Your Land workshop in Grants Pass . . . Let's keep this energy and momentum all year long!

Monarchs and Music 2017

Hello SOMA afficiandos,

Thank you to all of the folks who braved the weather and made it to our first ever Monarchs and Music event. The severe winter weather could not keep the 37 people away from celebrating Monarchs or the citizens of Southern Oregon working to help protect them. Thank you to everyone that made a donation of time and/or money to SOMA at the event. Your generosity raised almost $700 for SOMA to use in the upcoming year!

Special thanks goes out to the Master Food Preservers for providing the delicious dinner for the event. Fred and Jackie did an excellent job serving everyone.

Lee Finney, Simone Coffan, Kristina Lefever, and Goly Ostovar

Thank you to Kelly's Lot. The weather did keep you from coming in person but thank you for the Skype performance!

Finally, a very special thanks goes out to Robert Coffan. He put together another great presentation on all the efforts of SOMA and showcased the importance of conservation and continued Monarch advocacy. Everyone involved with SOMA should be proud of our work with Monarchs. Thank you and we ARE making a difference.

Jackie Greer and Fred Gebhardt of Master Food Preservers
Robert Coffan Host/Presenter
Earth Day in the Rogue Basin 2016

Come and visit with SOMA on Earth Day in the Rogue Basin at our interactive booth with other Earth Day Exhibitors coming up Saturday April 23rd Science Works in Ashland. Get your photo taken with "Big Boy" the world's largest monarch caterpillar. Try you luck at the Caterpillar Toss and see if you can land one in the milkweed patch! Learn about building your own Monarch Waystation.
Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners Annual 2016

SOMA will also be hosting our booth at the Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners Annual 2016 Student Symposium at the Santo Center in Medford on Friday May 27th. This Spring event, ongoing for the last 20 years, brings 200+ students, educators, community organizations and natural resource agencies together for a grand celebration of our Bear Creek Watershed. Due to size constraints, this is a closed event. But know that SOMA will be there spreading the word about monarch restoration and the importance of our pollinators to inquisitive young minds!
Arbor Day 2016: CTNC

Come join SOMA in celebrating of Arbor Day down at the Coyote Trails Nature Center along the banks of Bear Creek in Medford. Trees and pollinators, what a concept! Let the kids play games and win "Monarch Prizes" at our booth. AND... SOMA will be providing the Keynote address: "The Amazing Flight of Mr. A2045!"

Kids and Creeks 2015!

Hello Monarch Advocates and friends! SOMA had a great time at the Kids and Creeks event at Bear Creek Park in Medford. Thank you to all the Monarch Advocates that came out and visited us and big boy!

Bear Creek Watershed Symposium 2015
SOMA Co-Founder Robert Coffan, will be giving the Keynote Address, entitled “The Monarch’s Voice”, at the 20th Annual Bear Creek Watershed Symposium in southern Oregon. More than 200 energetic students who already are actively learning about (and positively affecting !) our natural environment will hear about the plight of the Monarch and other pollinators, and what they can do about it.
Arbor Day Festival & Solar Pavilion Grand Opening 2015!

The day was great fun for all!