Coyote Trails Monarch Waystation 2015!

SOMA: First steps into the future Monarch Bi-Way

The Coyote Trails Nature Center is an excellent location for a Community Monarch Waystation. There is a variety of habitat (wetlands, dry areas, sun, shade, riparian, upland, etc.) on the flood terraces on both sides of Bear Creek at the CTNC. The community is already committed to weed management there. Three Waystations are planned for the Coyote Trails Center. Suggested locations are shown in Figure 1. One is located near the Greenway trail, the bridge crossing Bear Creek to the Community Sports Park, and the entrance to the Coyote Trails Center. A second one is located next to a covered area in the parking lot where many groups meet for community events. The third location will be down along a walking path near Bear Creek. We have already received approval with Coyote Trails Center, as well as the Bear Creek Watershed Council, who are planning to restore and re-vegetate portions of the area, to incorporate this project into the overall plan.


Tom Landis and Steve Koskella work to plant the initial nectar plants. The first three plant in were:
  • Red-flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum, RISA
  • Mountain lilac, Ceanothus spp.
  • Oceanspray, Holodiscus discolor, HODI
Note that we are following the Plants for Pollinators publication: Kathy Pendergrass K, Vaughan M, Williams J. 2008. Plants for pollinators in Oregon. Technical Notes, Plant Materials No. 13. Portland, OR: US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. 26 p.

More to Come

We hope to have both native species of milkweed installed within the month.
  • Showy Milkweed, Asclepias Speciosa, ASSP
  • Narrowleaf Milkweed, A. Fascicularis, ASFA
Also KOGAP (Keeping Oregon Green and Productive) has donated 10-12 large boulders to place aesthetically in the Waystation. KOGAP has also volunteered to transport and install the boulders.

And not to be forgotten...BIG BOY!

June 2015 Update:

Working hard to plant area 1!

Butterfly Wing trail

Bringing in the big equipment for the butterfly wing trail construction.

Narrow Leaf Plants

Beautiful starts to future narrow leaf milkweed. Thank you to Ken Wearstler for the donation of these 40 plants, and to all others who have donated plants and resources to this project.

July 2015 Update:

Working hard to finish area 1!

Finishing Area 1

SOMA closed out the summer of 2015 with a flourish of activity to complete area 1!